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Accurate Bookkeeping

Monthly Profit & Loss

Timely CRA Filings

When your bookkeeping is late, it costs you money.

Do you feel anxious just thinking about your numbers? 

Most entrepreneurs pay unnecessary interest and penalties to CRA simply because they don't have a good bookkeeper who files everything on time.

Is that you? 

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You have a right to complete and accurate books.

Department Wise Profitability

We produce profit & loss by department so you know your profitability with precision. Have multiple projects? We have you covered by project-wise profit & loss

Cash Is King. Protect The King

Every financial statement we send includes a cash flow statement. Profit & loss paired with cash flow statement is the only way to get a complete financial picture.

Video Financial Statements

For our busy clients, we do a walkthrough of financial statements monthly and explain your numbers without the technical jargon.

Our clients love it!


We Don’t Just Care About Your Accounting. We Care About Your Business

Serving businesses in lower mainland since 2016

Over 30,000 accounting hours billed

Trusted by over 100 small businesses

Get Started In Just 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Introductory Call

This is a 20-30 min conversation.

In this call, we will identify your needs, discuss what services we offer and dial down pricing.
Step 2

Onboarding Call

This is a 90 min conversation.

In this call, we go through our onboarding questionnaire where you answer simple questions about your company. 

Questions like what is the source of your revenue or are you registered for GST.
Step 3

Onboarding Checklist

Onboarding call invariably creates a checklist of tasks you need to do.

Tasks like send us the bank statements for the last 6 months.

As soon as you complete those tasks, our team gets started on your work.

About Accounting Bridge

At Accounting Bridge we know that you are the kind of person who want to be an owner, not an operator. In order to be that way, you need to run your business with numbers. Numbers that are reliable and consistent.

You need financials, fast.

The problem is that accountants prepare financials for taxes. These numbers are not to help entrepeneurs grow. They are to help file taxes.
This means the business owners don't have their numbers on time. It means they don't get financial feedback. It means they don't know what's really happening in their business.

The worst part is that they use their bank account as a metric of growth. We believe that timely measurement can bring back control into your business. Timely financials is a key to becoming a business owner.

Accounting Bridge provides monthly bookkeeping service. When you work with us, we take responsibility of providing you your financial statements every month. We take the task off your plate. We send you your numbers, consistently. Plus, we use the latest technologies and bookkeep faster and cheaper.

This helps you turn these numbers into decisions. Let's you anticipate your company's financial future. Gives you feedback of your company's financial performance in the past.

It gives you back control.

Here’s how it works.

1. You meet our team to choose the right bookkeeping plan.
2. We do a 90 minute onboarding call that covers all that we needto get start.
3. You complete the document request from the onboarding call.

Once we complete these steps, our team gets started immediately.

So schedule a call now so you can stop feeling out of control and get certainty in your business.
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Bookkeeping Services

Starting at $250 / month

Our commitment to our clients begins with our pricing. We understand that every business is unique. Thus, we tailor our pricing plans to suit the distinct requirements of each client.

With our fixed pricing model, you can rest assured that there will be no unexpected surprises or hidden fees along the way.

Our services include

Accrual Basis Bookkeeping

Bank Reconciliations

Monthly Profit & Loss,
Balance Sheet & Cash Flow

Audit Proof Books

GST, PST & WCB returns

Department-wise Profitability

Securities Bookkeeping

Forex Bookkeeping

Cloud Based Bookkeeping

Dedicated Finance Expert

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Additional services

Payroll Services

For support managing your payroll processing, tax filings, and generating T4s and ROEs.

Accounts Payable Processing

For support coding invoices and facilitating payments using your preferred payment method(s).

Invoicing Services

For support generating invoices, sending them to customers and following up on outstanding payments.

Catch-up Services

For support catching up on multiple years of bookkeeping quickly.
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